Pulling Your Hair Out

Writing does not come easily to me. There isn’t a single page, paragraph, or phrase in Shiri that I haven’t mulled over to the point of distraction. Maybe some people can just pull great prose out of … well wherever, but for me, for every ‘good’ line there are three discarded lines that will never see the light of day.

I’ve rewritten the same two paragraphs in the prologue of the sequel I’m working on now something like twenty times in the last two days and I’m still not happy with it. I thought I had it right there yesterday, but then concluded that no, it was pants. So I cut the whole thing, rewrote it, frowned, slashed that, went back to what I had before, remembered why I hadn’t liked that, rewrote it again, was certain I’d nailed it, stepped back, looked at it again, swore and cursed and tore the whole thing up and started again from scratch.

A day in the life of an author

Now, firing up a few quick thoughts on a blog ain’t exactly the same thing, and what I’m doing here is not so much polishing and perfecting to the point of insanity, as simply tidying up, but still – here’s proof that I’m not lying …

I don’t think writing is something that comes easily to me

Writing is not something that comes easily to me

Writing does not come easily to me.


In fact I can’t think of a single page,

In fact there isn’t a single page,

There isn’t a single page,


but for me, for every ‘good’ line that you see on one of my pages there are likely three

but for me, for every ‘good’ line that you see, there are likely three

but for me, for every ‘good’ line, there are three


Yup, in case you haven’t realised, editing is simply the art of cutting out the crap (and you can quote me on that.)

Oh and by the way, to paraphrase Mr. Shaw – I’m sorry this post is so long, I didn’t have time to make it shorter.


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  1. Joe Hartnet

    haha funny pic – I love reading your posts ds, great idea showing the editing of your post. If I had one critiscm its that you don’t post often enough so do something about that!

  2. DM

    Nicely done sir.

  3. Precious

    I would also like to see more posts. You have a brilliant way with words!

  4. Oh I’ve had days like that! Love the pic!

  5. Chessny

    This post made my day! Always good to know I’m not the only one. Keep up the good work! Consider yourself Bookmarked.

  6. adna

    lol thats what they say is all about the rewriting

  7. youknowyourname

    I feel like this all the time lol

  8. Pleased to meet ya, Dave. YOU sir, have an amazing sense of humor. Thanks for a marvelous post. LOL, Gail

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