How to cure writer’s block

Mary Heaton Vorse

What is writer’s block? Is it an inability to concentrate, a spontaneous onset of creative dumbness, laziness?? Well I don’t know but I’m a firm believer that it’s all down to three factors.

1. Motivation

2. Determination.

3. Inspiration.

In a perfect world all three come together and you just write page after page of gold. This has happened to me in the past, but it’s a mighty rare occurrence. When the inspiration strikes it’s great, you just feel compelled to sit down and tear into it, it’s easy. But when it’s lacking, that’s when things get difficult. That’s when you’re really tested. That’s when you find out if you really do have the motivation and determination to force the words to come.

I’ve heard loads of supposed solutions to writer’s block … “Get outside. Go for a walk or a jog, clear all the clutter from your mind, read, listen to music etc. etc.” But the truth is the only way to beat writer’s block is plant your ass in the nearest chair and write, write, write. Forget about quality, forget about everything just write … now if only I could listen to my own advice.



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  1. Amen, brother. Find a chair, preferably next to your keyboard. Plunk your ass on the seat of that chair. Then let your fingers go, let them make mistakes and fumble and never mind. Just write. Later, you can go back and tidy up, polish the prose. But for the time being, the key is to spill your guts onto a white expanse with litle black symbols.

    In that same spirit, some people have had success with NANOWRIMO. I know that last Nov., in 21 days, I wrote a 50K-word novel that has recently been accepted for pub. That was one of those sit-myself-down experiences that ultimately paid off.

    And hey, DS, thanks for sharing the love, so to speak, by visiting my blog. Appreciate you!

    • Dave

      Unfortunately I rely far too heavily on inspiration. That’s mad 21 days??? You must be some machine!

      • No, boy, I am no machine. I was ON FIRE. I knew my characters, and I kind of knew where I wanted them to go. That 50 K flew like it had wings. The novel will come out this Jan with both my husband and my name on it (my real name) from MuseItUp press.

        The co-authorship bit is a long and loving story, for some other day. 🙂

        Notice that I’m resp0nding to some pretty old blogs. I don’t get out much. Enjoy your pages! ~Erin

  2. Two words: butt-glue

  3. Bum glue helps alright. For me the best thing is keep writing, but keep reading too.

    • Dave

      yeah, I went through a period there for a few months where I stopped reading, and gradually the inspiration sort of dried up so I’ve started up again and the ideas are starting to come once more!

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