Sansa Stark Rocks

sansaWow, I’ve just been visiting a particular forum dedicated to George RR Martin’s epic series ‘Song of Ice and Fire’, and my overriding memory of the experience is surprise at the sheer quantity of Sansa hatred out there.  In my esteemed opinion Sansa is one of the best written and most intriguing characters in the whole series. She’s developing and growing more than any other character. Despite this it’s clear that there is no more hated character in House Stark than Sansa. I’d wager she is even more hated than her pain in the arse mother.

Catelyn Stark - Twice as annoying as Jar Jar Binks and three times harder to kill

What did Old George do to bring such wrath down upon Sansa? Well … he wrote a realistic portrayal of your average teenage girl. Yup, it’s just that bad, seriously, the next time you’re thinking of writing a character that you want people to loath just picture a naïve 13/14 year old girl with say a Robert Pattinson obsession and you’re sorted.

As sure as the sun rises in the east such a portrayal will get people discussing your work with erudite and philosophical musings similar to the following:

“I hope Sansa ends up getting her head chopped off. That would be poetic justice.”

 “Sansa is sooo annoying and selfish. I hope she gets killed off.”

 “Sansa’s selfishness and stupidity got her father killed, I’d rather see her die than Cersei. At least Cersei is interesting.”

And my personal favourite …

“Sansa deserves to be raped, humiliated and tortured to death.”

Yup, apparently naïve teenage girls who believe in fairytales and just want everything to be ‘nice and pretty like in the stories,’ deserve to be raped and or murdered in the most gruesome fashion Old George can devise. (And knowing George RR Martin that’s pretty damn gruesome.)

Now, I’ll admit when I first read Game, Sansa was far from my favourite, character, I thought she was a spoilt, selfish, brat. But hey how many girl’s in her position wouldn’t be? What makes her character so great is not just that it is realistic but that more than any other character in the series she is developing and changing. Believe me, Sansa is going to be one major badass before Old George is done. I for one would much rather see somebody like her bring down Cersei and co. than I dunno … cough … DANY.

Sansa Stark

Tell me this is not on the way to being a major badass

Yup, Sansa Stark rocks.

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  1. DM

    From King’s Landing onwards, she’s stuck in one unenviable situation after another. So she has to pick her moments carefully. Just staying alive is an achievement for her.

    • Dave

      Indeed and unlike Arya for example she is not equipped to fight her way out, she has to survive in what is a far more realistic way.

  2. Elise Fallson

    I didn’t realize there was so much Sansa hate out there. After watching the first season I thought her portrayal was spot on. She’s a scared teenager whose dreams of becoming a powerful queen turns into a nightmare. And I agree with you, her mother is far more annoying, though not as bad as Jar Jar. No one’s that bad. (;

  3. My other half is 97% through reading the whole set of volumes and still his favourite is Tyrion. I haven’t read them, but I have watched some of the dramatisation (Series 1 rerun begins again tonight) and have to admit that Tyrion is queasily sexy.

  4. The Missus

    I quite like Sansa too! I found her p.o.v’s very engaging and real. A lot more real than Dany….. not a Dany fan!! Cersi has made a fatal error in moulding Sansa.

    Also like the fact that she’s a pale red head! xx

  5. Hi Dave
    Nice to meet you, or maybe we have bumped into each other. You won’t believe it but I haven’t read these books yet. No excuse except my health plunged downhill and I nearly died. But, I’m back, fully recovered and writing. Now I need to get to reading as well.

  6. Thank you! I’ve been saying this since the beginning! I love Sansa for being so realistic, and for learning from her experiences. I’ve always said she was going to be a major badass, too. She’s going to be more badass than Catelyn, I’ll bet.

    I knew there were a lot of Sansa-haters out there (my sister is one), but what’s your beef with Catelyn? Okay, she’s kinda annoying and meddlesome sometimes, but I thought she was pretty realistically portrayed most of the time.

    • Dave

      heh yeah Sansa is great 🙂 I’m suppose I’m a great big hypocrite hating on Cat, but I never really got over her treatment of Jon, it may be realistic but it’s realistically bad if that makes sense 😉 It’s not the kid’s fault he’s a bastard after all! Oh and also I’m a big believer in the rule that once a character is dead they should stay dead!

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