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Shiri gets thumbs up from Night Owl Reviews

Look what I woke up to!








Check out the review here.

Ah yes … five stars … top pick … “exceptional novel” … “The writing was fantastic” … “I can actually see it adapted to the movie screen” … “I just couldn’t put it down.”

All the things I like to hear! Well that’s my blog post for the day short and sweet!

It’s published … so now what?

What do you get when you add four years of writing, editing, rewriting, editing, writing, rewriting and editing, add in a few spoonfuls of procrastination, wondering, doubting and delaying and finally a little dash of courage?

Well you get something like this:

Lord knows I forgot to include the zombies, wizards, mysteriously attractive vampires and (insert newest most popular trend here … I dunno  … middle-aged housewives meeting attractive, rich bachelors with a penchant for poorly written hardcore sado-masochistic bondage) but,  hey, there is always the obligatory sequel for that.

Now all I need to do is figure out how to get approximately 7,593, 821 people to buy it. Why 7,593,821 do you say? Well give or take a few hundred thousand that’s how many purchases I need to be able to afford this:


Current strategies include:

  1. Seven hundred thousand  daily tweets demanding that you “BUY MY BOOK”
  2. A totally awesome YouTube video involving an intelligent looking author advising you that if you like Game of Thrones you’ll love this.
  3. Two thousand three hundred and twenty one daily tweets informing you that for every copy of Shiri that is sold 50% of the profits will go to the starving orphan children of  Gondwanaland (may alter depending on most in vogue celebrity charity of the week)


Any additional marketing advice greatly appreciated.

Shiri: Cover Reveal

Well, what do ye think?

Big thanks to everybody that helped out and gave advice.

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